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Clip on tri bars for K-Wing

Richa1181Richa1181 Posts: 177
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Does anybody know if you can get any clip on TT bars for use with aero handlebars? I've got a K-Wing on my road bike but can't find anything that would work. I really don't want to change the handlebars or fork out for a TT bike just yet so any help or suggestions would be appreciated


  • Are you able ot use clip on bars on those bars? I have had 3 pairs of carbon bars, all come with a warning that they are not to be used with clip ons.
  • Most aero bars are designed to go on standard bars or base bars. ITM used to have an Oval clamp for their CBD or Millenium bars but whether it will fit the K-Wings I dont know. Oval Concepts make bar clamp mounted aero bar system called SCCS but you'd need one of their reverse bolt stems
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  • willbevanwillbevan Posts: 1,241
    I have seem some aero bars that clip onto the stem..

    I vaguely remember maybe even replaced the face plate of the stem.

    Maybe worth having a look into that, as other people have said above, clip ons on carbon bars are not advised.
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