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Reba team Pop-Loc - Service or Replace?

twonkstwonks Posts: 554
edited December 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Bit of an odd question as I have been using my 2006 Reba Teams since new and have never fitted the pop-loc as I understood all it did was lock out the forks - which I am not fussed about.

However I have just read up about them a little more having done a lower leg service thanks to the FAQ's here, and found that maybe I am missing something by not connecting the Pop Loc.

The exact model is a 2006 Reba Team with 85-115 dual air U-Turn and Pop Loc.

Have I been using them incorrectly for 4 years?

As a sidenote, I'm soon looking to either upgrade them to something newer, or send them off to TF for a service and removal of the U-Turn system if possible.

I'd welcome thoughts on this too. i.e. Is it worth spending say £200 on them for a service and PUSHing or say £400+ on some newer forks.

For a SC Superlight that is XC orientated with a lardy rider at 16stone. (Will be 13st after 2011 though ;) )


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The motion control damper allows progressive lockout - so you can adjust the low speed compression damping. Plus you have adjustable blow off force. The poploc standard is censored , as it negates this functionality. Add a poploc Adjust and you are in business. Or convert to a leg top adjuster.
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 554
    Thanks SS.

    Please forgive my ignorance but I am not sure what you are saying there :oops:

    Do you mean that with the lever attached it gives the control for low speed compression and without it is pants as it is set on one extreme (due to lack of adjustment and being sprung to one end)?

    Also, may I ask your opinion on either having the existing forks TF tweaked and set to 100mm travel (removing the U-Turn), against spending say £450 - £500 on some replacements?

    If I replace them they will be dropped down onto the Zaskar which will make it more rideable so not totally lost, but I can't justify putting new forks on the Zaskar as it is deffinately a second bike at the mo.
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