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Rear Cassette compatibility

spagforthspagforth Posts: 17
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Hi Guys, I am a road rider 55yrs, cycled all my life and currently enjoying less competitive events such as challenging sportives. I completed "The Fred" for the first time this year but was beaten by Hardnott pass and had to get off and walk. My regular training runs take in Rosedale Chimney bank 30% and White Horse Bank 25%. I am currently running a Focus Cayo with Fulcrum racing Zero's, Ultegra compact and a 11 - 27 rear cassette . I can manage Rosedale chimney bank, just on this set up.

My question is that i am thinking of putting a MTB 10 speed casette on the back 11 - 34 with a Deore long cage rear mech to compensate. I don't think it will look pretty but if it gives me a couple of extra " get out of jail free" gears it might just be worthwhile to climb the really hard climbs, well into the rides, (Hardnott pass comes up at 100 miles after doing all the previous ones.

Has anyone modified their bikes this way? If so any problems using the ultegra shifters?

All help gratefully received.

Cheers Spagforth


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,562
    It'll work, so long as you use a 9 speed MTB mech. They've changed the pull ratio on the 10 speed MTB kit, so that it doesn't work with the rest of the range. Obviously you'll also need a new chain as well as the cassette.
  • lagunalaguna Posts: 22
    I've just successfully gone one further and fitted a Sram 12-36 (10 speed mountain cassette), Shimano Deore Shadow long cage rear mech, not forgetting a new chain, standard length is long enough minus approx 2 links (I'm running 39-53 up front), works perfectly with Ultregra 6600 shifters.
    The only thing is that the mech has no adjuster, so was struggling to get the tension right with only the frame mounted adjuster but perseverance paid off and it's perfect now.
    I'm all set for a summer trip to Mont Ventoux, loads of bail out capacity.
  • Cheers Guys, Very reassuring. I have a Deore shadow 10 speed long cage rear mech so will fettle with a degree of confidence! :)
  • I dislike big and heavy sprockets at the back. I would consider switching to triple and leaving the sprockets alone.
  • lagunalaguna Posts: 22
    Must admit does look slightly odd but a lot cheaper, cost less than £70 all in. Shifters and a triple (and bar tape) would be well in excess of £200 for bargain basement level equipment.
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