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Replacing/upgrading V-Brake arms

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I have a Giant Boulder ALU Lite late 90s, mainly used for commuting ~70 miles per week. I'm replacing the brake arms as I'm sick of having no rear brake and replacing the kinked cable only got them working for a couple of days.

TBH, I may have fettled them to death trying to sort the tension when the cable was the fault.

Anyway before committing to buy I'd like to check that the following will fit and any pro's and cons of the following:

Tektro RM4, Scor
Shimano BRM590S, M739, BR-M770, BRT660R, M951, M530, BR-M950
I used to just ride my bike to work but now I find myself going out looking for bigger and bigger hills.


  • I changed my no name v brakes to avid single digit 7. Look good and give way better feel than the old ones. Also the fixing/adjusting hardware is stainless so it doesnt rust up and make them impossible to adjust.

    Chainreaction have brakes and levers on sale at the moment btw
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    Don't think you can go wrong with any of the Shimano stuff TBH. Just make sure you

    a) give the pivots a quick rub with some wire wool to take any rust off, and make sure they are nice and clean afterwards
    b) slap plenty of grease (not anti-seize compound) on the pivots before you fit the arms
    c) replace the cables at the same time

    to get the best from your new parts.
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