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Cosmic carbon hubs

darren Hdarren H Posts: 122
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I've had mavics for over 4 years now and towards the end of this year before I packed my rourkey away for the winter I noticed slight play in the hubs onmthe wheels.

Never had a pair of these serviced

A bit of advice
Is it easy tom service them or better to let a lbs do them.
I do everything else on my bikes but never touched mavic wheels.

They have to have done over 15,000 miles. Bombproof wheels


  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,469
    mavic technical info is here...

    best way is have a look and see if you fancy doing it

    you need to look in the technical manual for the correct year(s)

    confusingly mavic sometimes splatters the details for a wheel over a couple of different years' manuals, for instance you need 2003 and 2005 manuals to cover the cosmic carbone sl

    it'll want you to login, teh secret codez are...

    l: mavic-com
    p: dealer
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Mavic hubs are easy to adjust - just need a 5mm Allen key and a pin spanner - remove QR, insert Allen key into one end of the axle and adjust cones with the pin spanner. If can't be adjusted-out, they are standard cartridge-bearings so easy to replace - you'll find the bearing numbers online, so don't need to get them from a bike-specialist
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  • darren Hdarren H Posts: 122
    Ah appreciate that guys, maybe I will tackle them myself after all. Thankyou
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