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Kinesis Racelight T

andi1363andi1363 Posts: 350
edited December 2010 in Your road bikes
Hi all and seasons greetings.

I am Just returning to cycling after a 3 year break. I needed to find some therapy for a reoccurance of depression :( . 8 weeks in and loving riding again. Think my racing days are over so am going to focus on sportives rides with The Evans event at Chievely next month being the first 8) .

I do want to get a new machine but for the time being, this is more than adequate despite being only 8 speed :D



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Smart solid build, Ta for sharing!
  • MarcBCMarcBC Posts: 333

    Great to see you on here and welcome!

    Hopefully I will see you at Chieveley.

    I too am using cycling to get out of a mental hole. The difference is I had 30 years off!
  • SupergooseSupergoose Posts: 1,089
    Proper bike, may it assist you in combating any blues you may encounter. :)
    Rock 'n' Roule
  • gwillisgwillis Posts: 998
    Nice set of wheels youve got there, hope helps you along the way. Cycling is my mind clearer also :wink:
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