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Books - The One That Got Away, by Chris Ryan

Karl2010Karl2010 Posts: 511
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Anyone read this?

If you haven't its a true life story / auto biography, by Chris Ryan, EX Military SAS.
There was a film made about this mission that you maight have heard about called Bravo Two Zero, that had the actor Sean Bean in it.

I read it a while ago but have just rememberd what a good book it is. I found it Fasinating, and id highly recomend it!

Good action book, that is actualy real life!


  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 751
    I read it when it came out, in '95, a couple of years after Bravo Two Zero by his ex-mate Andy McNab. What he did was superhuman and won admiration from all over - even got a mention in General De La Billiere's autobiography.
    However I did not much like the way he seemed criticise the other patrol members, particularly Sergeant Vince Phillips who died of hypothermia. They were comrades and I did not think it right to criticise somebody unable to defend themselves. McNab's book seemed fairer to everyone concerned and I found Ryan's left a bit of a nasty taste.
    Just my opinion.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    Soldier Five by Mike Coburn gives another side to the story of the patrol, after many court battles in NZ and UK it was given the go ahead to be sold, another book worth a read on the story is The Real Bravo Two Zero by Mike Asher. An SAS veteran who tried to retrace the route the B2Z patrol took from the Andy McNab book and meet with some of the people mentioned by McNab,
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  • Karl2010Karl2010 Posts: 511
    just realised this should have been posted in CAKE STOP! If a mod can move it there then grate... thanks.
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