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schwalbe marathon plus tyres

afl2afl2 Posts: 9
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i would like to start fitting my bike with these tyes but checking sizes my tyre wall records 35-622 (28x1.35-700x35c) but the size chart on the wiggle website does not repeat these figures. Are these tyres ok for my size as reviews of these tyres say they are worth having.
Thanks in advance


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    622mm are 700c
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  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    The size designation of the rim is 622 or 700c, its the same thing.
    28" can be the same as 622/700c but not always. In this case you are OK.

    35mm is the width of the tyre. This is a good all-round hybrid-style size. You can fit thinner tyres and (depending on your frame and brake clearance) fatter ones.

    Marathon Plus is an excellent tyre, very puncture resistant and reasonably efficient but is a tight fit to many rims
  • Yeah, your wheel is standard 700c, or 622 in alternative jargon.

    And as per previous posts, Schwalbe Marathon Plus come in different widths. A fatter tyre gives you greater comfort, but too fat and once installed the tyres may rub against the frame or forks of your bike.

    And inner tubes come in different widths as well to suit the tyres.
  • Marathon Plus can be hard to fit to the wheel when new. I think Spa Cycles have an online video with hints & tips about this. Good luck!
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  • Marathon Plus are fingers on, 1 tyre lever off. Yup, can be tuff.
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  • afl2afl2 Posts: 9
    thanks for your replys
    have ordered a tyre for my back wheel
    Should i be concerned at having different tyre types on?
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