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Simoncini Special Professional Rebuild

SLN57SLN57 Posts: 69
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Simoncini Special Professional (No.54) Rebuild

Just finished this, I built it to use as my winter bike. It rides very well considering its weight of 10.3kgs, smooth as silk compared to my carbon framed bike just not quite as willing on the hills.

Its a mixture of old and new so won't please the purists but I think it gives me the best of both worlds.

I know very little about the frame except it's Italian, hand made and probably mid range at best. The badge on the headtube is not correct, Simoncini weren't interested in selling me a new one so I designed my own, I will change it once I can afford to have a correct copy made. This sticker is the only one on top of the lacquer.

Can anyone out there tell me anything about this frame like when it was made, was it any good etc?


  • Don't know about the frame details but looks a really nice build! Twice as much style as the usual off the peg carbon. Love those callipers, shame theyr'e not quite as effective as the later dual pivot ones though.
  • SLN57SLN57 Posts: 69
    Thank you very much.

    You're quite right about the callipers they are feeble compared to my Ultegra 6700's. I originally thought it was the old brake blocks but the new ones are no better. Perhaps I should try Koolstops?
  • That sure is a nice bike, I like the mix of old and new parts. I've updated parts on my old Raleigh Scirocco and it's still doing me a good service. I've considered a restoration, but the marks on it give it a patina. I'm going to give it a good fettle and post pics soon along with another bike I've just built up.
  • SLN57SLN57 Posts: 69

    Thank you. Unfortunately the paint and chrome were too far gone on this frame to leave it original which was a shame as I couldn't get replacement transfers from Simoncini.

    Good luck with your fettling, I look forward to seeing your endeavors.
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