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Old Peugeot Rebuild

supergunnsupergunn Posts: 59
edited November 2010 in Your road bikes
This is my first build.
An old mid eightes Peugeot Elite with carbolight frame bought off Gumtree for £15.00
and converted to a singlespeed
The bike had a rack fitted which I sold on ebay for £9.00.
I then spent approx £100 to complete the build.
I based the build on a Charge Plug which I would have liked but could'nt afford.
Here's the before and after pictures.
The first picture shows the work has already started with the dropped bars already chopped and flipped and the deraillers removed.[email protected] ... otostream/[email protected]/5156036826/[email protected]/5155429025/

I'm delighted with the way it turned out and used it all summer.
It weighs 10.2 kg and shifts a fair bit.

I'm using my 10+ year old MTB converted to SS during the winter.[email protected] ... otostream/

I was going to buy a Sirrus or Ridgeback flight recently but I would have to sell these and I can't seem to part with them and don't see the need to.


  • inseineinseine Posts: 5,785
    Really nice job. The MTB is mad(in a good way!).
  • Nice job, I like the minimilist look of single speeds great colour, saddle & bar tape choice.
  • Very nice job indeed.
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    Boardman CX Team
    Trek 8000
    Sirrus framed 'special'

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  • ductionsductions Posts: 274
    Looks so good! My dad has an old peugoet bike that is very similar to this. Apart from his has drops and death brakes. I showed him your photos and suggested restoring it. Hope he says yes!
  • Hi Ductions,
    Thank you for your nice comments.
    This was not difficult to do.
    This bike also had drops and i cut them and flipped them over.
    The only issues I had and they were easily solved was changing the old heavy seat post
    to an alloy one.
    Peugeot owners / restorers take note.
    The old Peugeot seat post is French and is an awkward size.
    I discovered that Decathalon sell one for approx £10 and it fits perfectly with a cut up coke can used as a shim.
    I also had a wee challenge with the bottom bracket axle which was worn.
    Scouring the net told me that if it was French It would be very hard to source and if I did find one it would cost a small fortune.
    SJS cycles had various axles and one of them fitted perfectly to within half of a millimeter
    at a cost of approx £5.00 plus a couple of pounds for delivery.
    I hack sawed the braze ons and gear hanger and changers off and buffed them down with a dremel prior to painting for a really clean look
    You don't have to do this but I was never going to put it back to a geared bike.
    This was very satisfying and increased my bike repair skills .
    Glad you like it and if you choose to do the same keep in touch.
    Kind Regards
  • ductionsductions Posts: 274
    Awesome thanks for the tips. I really want to restore my dads bike now!
  • Lovely job mate.
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