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"Burly" rear suss frame to go with 100mm forks.

ads678ads678 Posts: 70
edited November 2010 in MTB buying advice
So, I'm on a bugdet. I want a full suss frame, no other reason than i've always had hardtails and want to try out full suss. So I thougt, buy a second hand frame that will work with my existing 100mm Recons.

I've been looking at stumpy's, but not really sure of what other frames are decent, not too flimsy and will fit 100mm forks.

I ride a bit of everything, well, as much as my GT Avalanche will let me. Ride mostly trail centres, Stainburn, bits of Warncliffe (inc some DH bits) the peaks and the lakes.

I'm 16 stone as well so not the smallest and lightest of riders!!

Any ideas would be appreciated.
GT Avalanche 1.0
Orange Five


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