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Best hardtail for a newbie

Jimbob newbieJimbob newbie Posts: 3
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Just been borrowing a bike for a few rides and remembered how much I loved riding. Looking to get one of my own now and looking to spend up to or around the £300 mark. I've been looking around and getting really confused by different spec for forks etc but like the look of the following:- ... -2010.html ... zone=PDPz1 ... zone=PDPz1

Would really appreciate thoughts on them or perhaps any other bikes for the same amount.



  • wozza84wozza84 Posts: 10
    Hello mate. I have only just got into mountain biking and bought the Mongoose Tyax Elite last wknd as i only had 300 to spend. Alot of people said the mongoose was better quality and you got alot more for your money compared to the halford bikes. The bike is quality and i have done approx 70 miles this week with no problems. I bought mine from Rutland and they gave a great service and they will def look after you. See my post ... t=12738242 for a few pics. Best of luck!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Tyax is superb for that price. Is a good bike at 450, but 300 quid is an absolutely steal.
  • Thanks guys for the response, really appreciate your thoughts. I was thinking that the Mongoose was the one to go for (certainly looks good in the pics) but just wanted to double check before committing to it. Good to hear some good feedback about rutland cycles as well.

    Hopefully I should be getting the bike next week and can't wait to get out on it.
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