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Roof rack for Specialized Enduro 2009

deebizzledeebizzle Posts: 46
edited October 2010 in MTB buying advice
Just had to return a Halfords Advanced roof bike carrier as it wouldn't fit attach itself properly to my Enduro... Shame as was good quality and was £70 for 2 carriers.

Anybody out there know what I need to get? I'm guessing it might be the Thule 591 Proride. I've seen other guys transport their Enduros on their car roofs so I know it should work with something. Frame is M size if that makes a difference.



  • stomithstomith Posts: 332
    Thule 591 is fine for the Enduro, Stumpjumper, Hard Rock & HotRock.

    The Thule 591 are out there for < £60 per unit.

    I have 3 of the 591's and they all do what they are supposed to. No complaints from me.
  • Andy!Andy! Posts: 433
    I've got 2 591 and just picked up a cheap 511-1 velovise pro fork mount for a carbon frame that I can't clamp.

    the newer 561 is more future proof as it can take 20mm maxle etc and not just QRs. Was never that keen on clamping the fork but it's my only choice.

    If buying again I would fit a tow bar and get a Thule Easybase and some bike racks to go on it as it would be usable for other things. The roof rack has more than paid for itself for other jobs though - like bringing home 4.8m decking planks :D
  • stomithstomith Posts: 332
    Agreed on the towbar. My car is in the Towbar Mans workshop now being fitted with a lovely (bloody expensive detachable flange) towbar. No, flange is not a dirty word.

    I am convinced that two bikes sitting (not hanging) on the back behind a flat backed car has got to be healthier for both my back and the cars economy.

    The Thules are 'great' in the world of roof systems but having already bashed the dangly things in McDonalds drive thru......a towbar thingy is the way forward for me. Also means I can get a trailer and put all 4 bikes in the trailer. sorted.
  • Cheers guys - have ordered the 591 Proride. In fact got 2 for £100 online so will flog the other one to a mate. Hoping it doesn't take too long to put the bars et al on the car before my ride on Sunday!

    One question though... due to the clamp wrapping round the top and the bottom of the down tube, should I be worried about the fact the gear and hydraulic brake cables run on the underside of the down tube on the Enduro and will therefore be squeezed by the clamp?
  • stomithstomith Posts: 332
    No. Don't worry.

    I use a strip of velcro to bind the 'inbound' crank to the arm of the bike rack just to be sure. This means the crank is always 'inside' the arm and therefore can't fall off. I tried driving thru McDonalds with their height restrictions and the bike statyed on :)

    Cables don't get in the way as the grabbing arm/claw doesn't exert that much pressure on it. Plus - they are curved and it all fits pretty well.
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