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Do I need to carry shock pump and mini tyre pump?

dubcatdubcat Posts: 732
edited October 2010 in MTB beginners
Hi, i understand that there are differences between a shock pump and a mini tyre pump. Apparently the shock pump is lower volume and allows more granular pressure setting. Does this mean I have to ride around with a shock pump AND a tyre pump in my backpack?

I am already riding around with mini tyre pump, multi-tool, spare brake pads, spare inner tubes, puncture repair kit, power links, cable ties, and spare derraileur hanger! The 1 lb saving my new forks brought to the game does not feel so relevant now :)
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  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    Once your shock/fork has the correct amount of air in it(for the sag setting)it shouldn't lose air so no need to carry a shock pump.
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    Take it with you on your first proper ride your suspension is going to get a good work out,you my find you want to tweek it, setting it static is one thing but you may find you'l want a small tweek to suit your preferance once you get going,after that,leave it at home
  • dubcatdubcat Posts: 732
    Cool, thx guys.
    2010 Specialized Rockhopper
    2012 Bianchi Infinito
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