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Wiggo admits tour mistakes.


  • robert-sbrobert-sb Posts: 118
    Is it me, or is this just a rehash of the Procycling interview. Would have thought they could come up with something a bit more original. Lazy journalism, pah.
  • I think old Brad was helped more by Astana than he realised last year. By far the dominent team, which allowed them to dictate GC, but with their internal issues, kept the race at Lance Armstrong's and Andreas Kloden's pace. To be fair to Brad, he's still around Armstrong and Kloden's pace this year. I think he benefitted from the tactics of others, and those tactics suited his riding. Can't see that happening again though, can you?
  • pedro118118pedro118118 Posts: 1,102
    He's not daft - he knows the score. I'm sure he has realised that all the blocks fell into place at the 2009 Tour (less mountainous than ususal, TTT, ITT and dominated by Astana)and he was the big beneficiary of that.

    Under normal circumstances, he isn't Tour podium material, but he's the best we've got, so he will fight the good fight and Sky will continue to talk a good game.

    Top 10 on GC is still a good result and that's within his grasp.
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