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Hello from South tyneside (the northeast england)

Philz0rPhilz0r Posts: 56
edited October 2010 in MTB beginners
Season greetings my merry friends!

i've recently took up trial riding for the first time and so far ive done 1 blue run and 4 reds :D.. im hooked.

not only is it great fun but my fitness is going crazy for it!

My name is phil, im 24 and im from south tyneside (near Newcstle), i'd rather not say what im currently riding but what the hell. an apollo kanyon >.> (40mm of travel on those stock shox baby!)

i;'ve been reading the site for a few days now and thought i'd sign up and say hi.

im looking forward to meeting some new friends and maybe meeting some peeps on the tracks.

all the best, Phil


  • Welcome. Whilst you are in your local bike shop ordering a proper one for Christmas ask them for details of groups clubs etc if you want to find some like minded folk to hammer trails with.
  • Philz0rPhilz0r Posts: 56
    haha, yea.... soon as my work take up the cycle to work sceame (march they say) im heading straight for a new bike!. been looking along the lines of a griant trance x4 as i've heard its a good all rounder (2010 model). my friend currently has a trance x3. Jealously build in my eyes!
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