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Crud RR wheel brushes

kr1skr1s Posts: 125
edited October 2010 in The workshop
Has anyone tried to source the brushes for the Crud RR set

They are linked off this page :

But the link is to the B&Q site for a discontinued item (draft excluder)

Ive emailed Crud but after 2 weeks give up any hope of hearing anything back
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  • plowmarplowmar Posts: 1,032
    Most unusual IME, my crudguards broke and I just sent off a list of parts needed with postage for each part needed and I got the spares direct from crudguard within a couple of days.

    Nothing at B&Q under brushes generally so have e-mailed company on their pro-forma to see if they come up with anything.
  • LazarusLazarus Posts: 1,426
    Have wondered about this myself and came to the opinion that i was going to go to B&Q and buy a reel of draught excluder that you can stick on door frames and cut pieces of that to use. It seems they have the same idea


    Just looked up B&Q and the old style draught excluder that you used to stick on and looked exactly like Crud brushes are as you pointed out nowhere to be found only the new fangled foam ones :(

    It seems that it's time to trawl the local market stall and old ironmongers, i have great confidence they will have something similar and old school.
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  • plowmarplowmar Posts: 1,032
    AS promised reply to my e-mail as follows :-

    The brushes are sold cheaply by the roll in B+Q and other DIY stores as draught excluder for double-glazing
    If you have any trouble sourcing , just send 1 large 1st class stamp (no envelope) to....
    Sensible Products
    Unit1 North Liverton I.E.
    Lantsbery Drive
    Cleveland TS13 4QZ

    Tell her what you need, and include your address. She will post by return

    Hope this helps.
  • kr1skr1s Posts: 125
    I'l send an envelope off to crud - need a few other bits too

    Cheers Guys :D
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