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elbow pain and hand palm numb

sirdjangosirdjango Posts: 123
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i ve experience some pain in my left elbow after my rides and also hand palm numb once and a while during my rides. the numbs disappear after i changed my position on the bars. usually have it if i put my hands on the hoods. sounds like bad riding position...
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  • sirdjangosirdjango Posts: 123
    any comments?? please... :D
    ride like the wind... with the wind... to the wind...
  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Is there any bend in your elbows at all? The reach to the bars could be too long, therefore locking your elbow and putting a lot of weight onto the bars with your palms.

    As a general guide, if you can see the front hub when you're on the hoods, your stem is either too short or too long.

    Failing that, relax your grip on the bars?
  • As Furrag said, if your arms are locked off on the bars then all of your shock absorption is going through your skeleton. If you ride with your arms bent you naturaly get in a more aerodynamic position aswell as letting your muscles take some of the shock so it's win win :D
  • sirdjangosirdjango Posts: 123
    hmmmm.... not all the time that i lock my elbows... i still bend my elbow... anyway thanks guys... :D
    ride like the wind... with the wind... to the wind...
  • ohara227ohara227 Posts: 225
    I seen these in Cycling weekly, from the outset I need to say I have never tried them as I just got my road bike and its chucking it down outside, but they do get good reviews and it could just be that little thing that helps:

    2 versions I believe, one more aimed at to reduce vibration.

    Also perhaps worth doing some upper body weights. Hope you find a solution!
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