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Garmin question

Mendip rouleurMendip rouleur Posts: 163
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I have a Garmin Edge 705. Just done a 3-day event and I can see that the device has downloaded all the info to my Garmin site because it has toal miles, hours etc. But the map that is downloaded does not show all of the route.

Does anyone know why and how to correct it?

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  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    By any chance have you recently done a firmware update or have version 3.2 loaded? If so, there are compatibility issues with the 705 resulting in many many users having to do either hard resets or return the item to Garmin for repair/replacement. Major symptoms are simply not switching on and in my case not even responding to a hard reset. Your symptoms might be related to the firmware issue. Go to the Garmin forum and do a search. If no joy then I'd contact Garmin.
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