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Average speed

badly_dubbedbadly_dubbed Posts: 1,350
edited September 2010 in Road beginners
Hey guys, as a newbie to the roads I'd like a little idea of how I'm doing if you can help?

First run today was around 17.5miles few ups and downs but not flat... Averaging Round 17.2mph

I'd like to join a club which is local to me but don't wanna slow them down lol


  • AndyF16AndyF16 Posts: 510
    I'm a newbie too, and on fairly undemanding 20-60 mile local routes seem to be averaging around 17mph - a big improvement over the 12-13mph on my MTB with 1.95 'road' tyres on the same routes - and it also means I can now get home from leisure rides in time for dinner :? :wink:
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  • ProssPross Posts: 24,908
    You should be able to cope with most club runs if you can sustain that sort of average but remember that the runs will be over longer distances usually. Most club runs I have done are around the 50 to 80 mile mark although some clubs have shorter and / or slower runs for beginners or those who do more leisurely riding. When looking for a club look for one that best suits your needs, I'm sure someone from your area will have some advice for you. Starting out you may be better concentrating on getting the endurance for the longer rides rather than worrying too much about your speed.
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