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Bits and Bobs

markpotts147markpotts147 Posts: 100
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Rather than put this on multiple threads thought I’d just try and bang it all in one post. :)

I take delivery of my first road bike this weekend and am in need of a few bits, hopefully you can advise.

1. Helmet – No budget on safety.
2. Bib shorts – Mid range. Don’t plan to be riding more than 50 miles just yet.
3. Jerseys – Just plain, good quality.
4. Full length cycling pants – Are these padded or just worn under bib shorts?
5. Gloves – Nothing too extreme pricewise.

Thanks in advance.



  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    1 - one that fits, try some on.
    2. -wiggle do a decent budget starter, DHB brand
    3. tesco, or aldi/lidl for cheap. Or, google and choose.
    4. knee or leg warmers are for use with bibs. For full length winter bibs, look at DHB tights, with pads. You can buy unpadded tights to wear over bibs.
    5. Try some on, and get a decent fit that isn't too tight. Defeet dura are good autumn ones.
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