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Winter Hack/ Commuter & Training Bike

glasgowbhoyglasgowbhoy Posts: 1,341
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With the Kuota about to be put back in it's glass box after a couple of sportives still to be done this month it will be time to get the mudguards back on the trusty Defy for the dark mornings, evening and rain soaked winter runs. Still a great bike and such a nice riding position. Had her out on an 80K run yesterday and although nowhere near as quick as the Kuota it still makes me smile.



  • very nice, what type of mudguards are they ?
  • Those are the Giant mudguards. One of the reasons I bought the Defy was that it could take full mudguards, a big consideration in rain soaked west central Scotland.
  • That looks good!
    I also have a Giant defy 4 which Im about to start using as my winter bike, I havent ridden it since March. It was my first bike before getting a carbon race jobby this year.
    This weekend is the last for my race bike, after that its gonna be the Defy for the next 6 months!!
    Im wondering what its gonna be like after riding a so called "good bike" for past 6 months. Its currently in the LBS getting a few tweaks done for winter.
    Did you find it hard to adjust from your kuota which is obviously a smashing bike?
    The riding position on the defy is more relaxed, did that feel strange or take a while to get used to?
  • I like getting back on my Defy - I like the comfort and the solid feel. Takes me to the end of the road to get used to it. Mine has just come out for winter - new tyres and chain wa all that was needed.
  • As brommer says it takes about 5mins to get used to it. The Defy has such a relaxed riding style and although not in the same league as the Kuota it's certainly no slouch and always makes me smile when I'm out training on it.
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