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OT: Sudden realisation of Age



  • Kieran_BurnsKieran_Burns Posts: 10,052
    biondino wrote:
    Greg T wrote:
    Pufftmw wrote:
    the horny Italian

    Did someone call?

    are you 39?
    Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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  • NGaleNGale Posts: 1,866
    biondino wrote:
    2 x 1st wife? Nice bigamy.

    I was chagrined to discover on the TV show "Grumpy Old Men" that said title is bestowed on gentlemen from 35.

    Other definers of age: It's longer since I lost my virginity that between birth and said event; and realising I now need to tick the "35-49" box when asked my name on forms.

    It's a bit irrtiating when people on Twitter bemoan they're soon going to be 24 omg so ancient. Although, when I was 23 I remember saying to a work colleague "it's okay, I'm still young" and being told "hmm, you're not *that* young".

    It's also a decade since I could apply for young person's railcard, and 12 years since I slipped out of Radio 1's target demographic.

    However, I have never broken the "half your age + seven" rule about the minimum age of your intended bedroom partner.

    I think you fell out of that demographic 20 years ago now having listened to Radio 1 by accident recently.

    Heck I'm only 33 and I felt like a real old fart and even said out loud 'what on earth is this rubbish!'

    Mind you I'm listening to Radio 2 these days and wondering what music is coming to. I have started to make the migration to Radio 4 :shock: :shock:
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  • DevUKDevUK Posts: 299
    Turned 31 in May. In some ways I feel younger, as I'm a lot more active than I used to be (20 mile commute and riding at the weekends). In others I feel old. I have some friends who are in their early 20's and just don't understand some of the censored that comes out of their mouths.
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