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Newbie, General Maintanence questions

Lucozade1Lucozade1 Posts: 171
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In the process of buying first FS, Never really looked after my old HT, now spending so much on a FS makes me want to look after it...

Any tips on post ride maintanence and the periodic stuff too please??

Also not really a mechanic so what stuff is best left to the pro's???

Thanks :)
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    See workshop link below for cleaning and lubing.

    And be prepared for a million different views from a total strip down after every ride to sling it in the car and spit on the chain once a year.

    My personal 2c worth,

    Bikes are relatively simple, so except for possibly top end fork or shock servicing, or building wheels anyone can do anything with a bit of googling for advice.

    I prefer doing everything myself as not only is it satisfying to get everything working well, you also understand how it all works and fits together, and can bodge repairs on he trail.

    You can also sound intelligent (and sometimes condescending) offering advice here.

    Bikes need continuous maintenance, give everything a quick once over after a clean, and make sure everything is tight and right - nothing worse than getting to a ride and finding problems.

    Buy a basic selection of tools if you don't already have - a set of allen keys, small spanner set, pliers, screwdrivers, chain tool and buy specific tools, such as crank removers, chain whip etc as and when you need them. They are normally pretty cheap (as cheap as the work would cost in a shop anyway and you have them for next time).

    You will find the same questions asked over and over here, so keep reading, and anything can be found on Google.

    Parktools has loads of very good tutorials plus plenty of info in Tech Links sticky in forum index.

    And by region they mean what part of the bike, not where do you live.
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  • wordnumbwordnumb Posts: 847
    Lucozade1 wrote:
    Any tips on post ride maintanence and the periodic stuff too please??

    Most tuning requires a bit of patience and common sense. Give yourself plenty of time, make small adjustments and observe how these effect the running. Soon it becomes fairly instinctive.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here

    much depends on the bike. get and read the manuals.

    some bearings you do nothing to. some need a little lube and some like a lot.

    otherwise no different to any other bike.

    some shocks need periodic air can service others dont..........
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