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Garmin edge 705 French mapping options

ClintyClinty Posts: 5
edited August 2010 in Tour & expedition
off to France on saturday for a couple of weeks, lucky me. I might go for a couple of rideouts while i'm there but the place that i am staying at down in the Vendee doesnt show up on my city navigator europe map on my garmin. I'd be grateful if any of you good people know if there is any free french mapping avaialble to download to my memory card that would do as a temporary fix. I dont really want to pay a fortune as i'll probably only use it once in a blue moon so any help would be gratefully received :-)


  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,386
    There may be cheaper, or even better ways of doing it but I got the Europe City Navigator SD package and have planned my trip to France in 2 weeks.

    It has found the cottage I will be staying at on a back alley, off a side street, in a wee village, somewhere south of Niort.
    It all looks promising.

    Proof will come in a fortnight.
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  • ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,843
    Looks like I may have missed you, but I have just come back from France where I used this on my 705...

    I used the carte topo version and it was very clear apart from some very small roads in Brittany that it missed.
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