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Iphone Data Usage with GPS and Runkeeper

mike23864mike23864 Posts: 54
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This is my first Smartphone and I have 1GB of data per month as part of my contract. If I were to use the Runkeeper App to track my training, can anyone who has used it tell me how much data it uses. Alternatively, is there a way of keeping track of data usage in general?

Cheers Guys


  • balthazarbalthazar Posts: 1,565
    Settings/ general/ usage, to keep track of your data usage. Reset it each month. I've been using my iPhone's data without care for months, including heavy use of google maps, and radio streaming, on top of general web stuff: I've never got near my "fair use" limit of 750MB / month.
  • Not sure how relevant this is as I dont have an Iphone but there was a tech tip in todays Sunday Times about switching off 3g if your bills are racking up and you want to avoid excessive data roaming charges abroad.

    It says you can alter the the phones APN (access point name)

    1. goto settings>general>network>cellular data network.

    2. You'll see what looks like a web address. Dont delete it, just change it to something meaningless by adding an x onto the end of it.

    This will stop the phone being able to download mobile data; wifi and voice calls are not affected.
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