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Specific rotation direction on front wheels?

ressacressac Posts: 25
edited July 2010 in Workshop
I recently bought a Shimano WH-7850-C24-CL wheelset. ... 850-C24-CL

Do you know if there is a specific rotation direction for the front wheel, or it can be installed both ways?


  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750
    It all depends on which direction you pedal in.....

    Seriously though, it doesn't matter but it may be considered more conventional to have it so you can read the writing on the hub the right way round from the saddle. But you might want to be different.....
  • ressacressac Posts: 25
    Thanks for the reply.
    Actually, the DURA-ACE logo is written on the side of the hub. As i can't pedal sideways :D i'll install the wheel with the logo on the left.
  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    Or, just look at how the rear wheel is, and fit it the same orientation as the hub on the rear wheel if the hubs are the same.
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