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How to get shifting perfect

okgookgo Posts: 4,368
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I recently swapped wheels. I used to have it all perfectly tuned and you could run pretty much any combination of gears without jumping or slipping.

however I recently swapped to mavic hubs and rims and even though I've used the spacer, the shifting is a tiny bit out.

Its been a while since I set a bike up from scratch, what is the best way to re-tune my rear mech to flawless shifting?


105 groupset for the record.
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  • stokey1964stokey1964 Posts: 454
    Just adjust the cable tension using the adjuster on the rear mech

    Try quarter turns at a time

    Try adjusting this until the chain just starts to rub against the cassette and then back it off half a turn

  • wickedwicked Posts: 844
    I always find that putting the bike in the big front ring and middle rear cog, then adjusting the barrel adjustor until the mech is in line with that cog will mean that you are either bang on or very close.
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