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Cheddar Gorge time trial

mondseemondsee Posts: 2
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There will be a time trial held on Cheddar Gorge on Sunday 3rd October. 2 mile course up the gorge. Individual and Team TT! in the TTT there will be teams of 4 with the 3rd rider's time counting. Organisers are hoping for some good riders to take part and are offering good prizes. Cheddar Gorge will be closed to traffic for the whole day :D
Details will be given on the Cheddar Caves web site and the Black Rat web site in the next week or so.


  • rjsmithrjsmith Posts: 1,924
    Sounds fun. Who's running the events?
  • JSB24JSB24 Posts: 37
    I'll definitely be in, just a shame its so far away!
  • jonmackjonmack Posts: 522
    That's the same day as the Bristol Belter which goes up the Combe and the Gorge. How's that going to work?
  • ProssPross Posts: 33,490
    Used to love riding up there, especiallly the steeper section through the village but think I'm a bit heavy these days :lol:
  • BlackspotBlackspot Posts: 2
    Just spoken to the people who run the gorge - the road will be closed from about 10am until about 2pm to allow the race to take place. The sportive riders will have to go up either before 10 or after 2. You can't have people racing and getting held up by bunches of riders.
    I like the idea of the team time trial - I could be 4th man :-)
  • drewfromriscadrewfromrisca Posts: 1,165
    Any new news/info on this? Is it still going ahead?
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  • roadracedaveroadracedave Posts: 107
    Im definately up for this! I did the national hill climb up Cheddar Gorge a couple of years back and that was great fun.. even if I did push so hard for the first 500 metres past all the spectators and then blow up!

    Is it definately going ahead? I told a few guys in my club about it and they would all be up for it :) Would there be enought time to ride it solo first, then come down and do again as a 4-up?
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