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531c frame

PNE661PNE661 Posts: 6
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Hi guys n gals,

I have a Reynolds 531c frame from a Raleigh Banana, that I have decided to attack, de-rust, clean, kiss and cuddle, powder coat and then put back together.


Q.1. Where can I find a 1" threaded carbon fork that is NOT out of stock.
Q.2. Will a 1+1/8th inch fork fit into this type of frame and if so.........
Q.3. will I be able to get head stock bearings/caps and all, to make a 1+1/8th fork fit..?
Q.4. I have NO idea when the bottom bracket was last replaced and can anyone tell me whether it is a false economy not to replace it......reason why I'm asking is because it appears smooth, no play etc but being a car mechanic am not sure what to do.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much,



  • PNE661PNE661 Posts: 6
    Cheers softlad. This is my first post so sorry I haven't got a scooby. Just want to find out facts anf figs.
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    I don't think you will be able to fit a 1/8 fork into a head tube designed to take a 1" steerer. Is there any reason why you want a carbon fork..? Why not just re-use the existing steel fork..?

    If the BB spins freely with no play and no noise, then it is probably ok to re-use providing you plan on re-fitting the same cranks..
  • PNE661PNE661 Posts: 6
    The exsisting fork is nearly as heavy as the frame so I thought I'd try to save weight and also thought the carbon would flex more on the road for a slightly smoother front end ride.

    I don't know if the fork is the original with the bike I can only assume it is but thought about carbon to try to loose as much weight as possible.

    BB is smooth,

  • I find a steel fork just as comfy as my carbon, see where your coming from regarding weight, but how about looks? Is weight so much an issue with a classic 531 road bike?
  • Stuy-bStuy-b Posts: 248
    an 1" 1/8 fork will not fit, how ever a few companys make 1" a head forks easton make one and itm used to! if the bottom bracket feels ok than leave it alone :)
  • tri-sexualtri-sexual Posts: 672
    keep the steel forks
    its a 531 - fitting carbon forks will spoil the look

    met a gut recently with a mercian tandem, over 30 yrs old - had it professionally restored approx 3 yrs ago at a massive expense. absolutely beautiful - didnt bother to modernise with modern groupsets and sti etc and kept it as near original as possible.

    best possible look
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    You should be able to find 1" threaded forks easily on ebay or somewhere Retrobike / LFGSS forums. If fitting a carbon fork, I'd go for ahead/threadless - simpler, stonger and easier to maintain. A 11/8" fork will simply not fit.
    Old Raleigh 531s or that era don't really have any intrinsic value, particularly those with gash 1980s paintjobs, so I'd go for what makes you happy.
    In terms of the bottom bracket, it depends on what chainset you plan to fit. As you are stripping and repainting it, then suggest you remove it.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    I recently did up an old 531 frame (Claud butler Dalesman) and replaced the original steel forks with these 1 inch and carbon. The frame is black, so the carbon forks look OK. I also had to replace the headset, Cane creek C2? off ebay. Great weight saving, and no noticeable loss of comfort. I'd already switched to some old 105 STIs again from ebay.

    I also replaced the BB with an old ultegra octolink plus matching cranks I had laying about. Still a bit flexy, that's the frame, but I now have a very nice fast commuting bike. I've put about 4000 km on it since the conversion, and am very pleased. Much more comfortable than the titanium speed machine, and actually not that much slower.
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