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drewfromriscadrewfromrisca Posts: 1,165
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I'm finallly going to step up to the plate and throw myself into a few races! Living near the MK races I thought I would have a crack at these. Anyone on here raced them and if so what they like as a standard? (I'm a cat 4)

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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    The Thursday night series runs as a 3/4 and separate E/1/2. The E/1/2s usually lap the 3/4 riders and are supposed to be let through, and allowed to go away without anyone jumping in with them.

    The circuit is just a big oval (the tarmac access road around the outside of the banked concert area). Usually they also use the access roads out into the carparks at either side to put a few turns in and break the race up a bit. It's pretty flat although there is a 15m rise between the lowest and highest points on the main circuit. Mind you it can seem like more after 30 laps.

    Races start at 7pm so get there 6.30 latest to sign on and get a few warm up laps in.
  • Yep been and raced the bowl before in a few different configurations and makes for some good fun. Racing can be quite tough but thats only as its an off road race and generally get a good turn out for racing.

    Have you been down to watch? As it will give you a good idea of what its like.

    Good luck if you do race - could always look at joining a local club as quite a few turn up to the races enmasse.
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  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    ^^ bit of an old thread but....

    worth checking out the LVRC racing up there as well next season if you qualify. Some fast guys in it as well and fun to watch.
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