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Cannock Chase (Advice)

hoddo80hoddo80 Posts: 11
edited June 2010 in MTB rides
Hi guys

Just after some advice.
Never ridden the chase before and looking to do so next week.
I am taking my wife who is unfit and does not ride very often, are there any routes to take which will suit her ability?

Thanks for you help in advance


  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    I've seen a few people doing the Monkey trail out of their comfort zone with grazed legs and arms so you might want to give that a miss. Follow the dog is not so technical for a red and shorter but still requires some fitness and handling skills. I'ts hard to advise without knowing what she's riden before.
  • hoddo80hoddo80 Posts: 11

    Sorry, tbh she has never riden xc before, I am hoping that there are some nice easy trails that will get her interested without breaking her before she starts!

    I have seen the "follow the dog" trail on chase trails website, maybe this is the way forward?
  • puddle-riderpuddle-rider Posts: 295
    FtD may be too much if she has not done much, there is a family trail on the fire roads which crosses the dog at various times so you could have a try at a section here and there. The best way is to seek out a local as there is loads of nice easy of piste stuff, but you'll never find it without a local i'm afraid.
  • hoddo80hoddo80 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your advice guys, I will have a chat with her and see how she feels about it.
    Failing that can you think of any suitable trails in the midlands/mid wales area?
  • x-islex-isle Posts: 794

    Follow the Dog and The Monkey could be a little too technical for your wife, however, don't let that put you off what is a fantastic place for riding.

    The "Blue" routes on Cannock Chase are perfect for your wife and as already mention sometimes intercept the Red route of Follow the Dog so you could always take a sneaky peak.

    Craig Rogers
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