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wide shoes

kevin_stephenskevin_stephens Posts: 184
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I'm after a new pair of shoes. I have wide feet so which makes should i be looking at? I will probably be getting some orthotic inserts.

I want to climb hills so badly;
and I climb hills so badly


  • also can anyone advise on shops in NW area that stock a wider range of shoes to try on?

    I want to climb hills so badly;
    and I climb hills so badly
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
    Have you tried the search function? This subject has been discussed a lot recently.

    From memory, Sidi do a wide-fitting range called mega, Northwave and Specialized both offer wide-fitting shoes.

    Being from the SE I have no idea about buying them in the NW!
  • meenaghmanmeenaghman Posts: 345
    I don't know about the NW area. I am remote from bike shops anyhow, and SIDI Megas are quite hard to come by, so when I was on holiday in US I bought my pair a while back. If you're looking at footbeds, then might be worth checking with cyclefit in London. I got mine made there and haven't had numb or hotspotted feet since. Might be worth giving them a ring.
    The specialized shoes tend to be fairly wide fitting, although I found them slightly uncomfortable (strap too short) on the instep of my foot as I've got a very high instep.
  • secretsqizzsecretsqizz Posts: 424
    I would presume to have wider feet but I used to wear Gaerne boots on motorbikes no problem and the same with a pair of carbon gaerne shoes for the bike even tho' they 'look' quite narrow. Never had any problem with discomfort.
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  • mike ivesmike ives Posts: 319
    What about a look at the Sidi Cafe - They definitely do the Mega (wide) version in some of the shoes in the Sidi range.
  • simon johnsonsimon johnson Posts: 1,064
    Sidi MEGA as mentioned, also Shimano custom and Lake; both of these are heat-moulded if I remember rightly.
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