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Dirt cheap frame and forks

posh_pedallerposh_pedaller Posts: 124
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Hey all
I've recently been trying to put together a beginner MTB from parts salvaged from old bikes or given away by friends. I'm down to looking for frame, forks, headset and stem.
Could anyone recommend a cheap hardtail frame and perhaps some rigid forks please? I would be willing to look at second hand if that's not too risky.
Although I am fairly knowledgable about road bikes mountain bikes are a different matter! I am fairly confident in my ability to put it all together, and if I fail, oh well, not too much money lost.
I'll most likely be using it for XC riding, so whilst it doesn't need to be too tough I'd proably prefer reliability over performance.
Thanks in advance,
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Have a look at the Handsome Dog frames from All Terrain Cycles - start from about 55 quid. A steel option too called the Talisman.

    They also do some forks.
  • spud-facespud-face Posts: 120
    the be-one and brand x frames seem to get good reviews from the punters on Chain Reaction for £100 or lessish, and on-one do rigid forks for about £40 i think. can't vouch for the quality of any of this myself though.
    and either here or n singletrack forums (i think here) someone's stalking around proffering a giant frame for thirtyish posted, may be worth a look.
    or ebay i s'pose
  • posh_pedallerposh_pedaller Posts: 124
    Thanks everyone.
    I really wasn't expecting to be able to get a frame for so little - clearly I'm used to hideously overpriced road gear!
    spud-face - thanks, but I'm 6' 2" so that frame is likely too small.
    I've also seen Dirty Jo get good rep - might look into those too.
    Thanks again.
    FCN 7
    Porridge and coffee - the breakfast of champions
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