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Nokon Cables and Wireless Computers

turkeyticklerturkeytickler Posts: 640
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Hi all - I'm after some inspiration.

I have a Cateye Strada Wireless, which has recently begun to lose reception (that or my average speed has halved :shock: ).

I get a sporadic signal that comes and goes.

I replaced the battery in the sensor unit, no joy, the battery in the computer unit, no joy and even put a new (cateye) magnet on - still no joy. The computer has always worked in the past and nothing has moved, sensor alignment checked, double checked etc... fine

It is fine when i take the computer unit out of the mount and put it somewhere away from the handlebars - reception perfect. I dont have any other electronics around to interfere and it happens irrespective of location so nothing external.

Distance from sensor to computer is well within the 70cms limit specified by cateye.

My last theory is that roundabout the same time as these problems started, although not exactly, i put a set of nokon cables on my ultegra setup, and ran the gear cables ala campag out through the tops rather than straight out of the levers. That means there is a fair amount of metal in the form of cables between the sensor unit, and the computer which is mounted mid right on the bars. The amount of metal is probably marginally more than with standard cable outers and in any case, this would be the standard routing for all campag users - but could it be to blame?

Does anyone have any other suggestions before i go out and buy a new (wired) computer?


  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    Mount the computer on a spacegrip or similar.
  • turkeyticklerturkeytickler Posts: 640
    andrew_s wrote:
    Mount the computer on a spacegrip or similar.
    hmm not quite what I had in mind but thanks for the suggestion :) tried yet another battery in the sensor (a duracell rather than energizer this time) - seems to have fixed it for now.... time will tell
  • synchronicitysynchronicity Posts: 1,415
    I don't think so.

    Because standard cable outers contain multiple steel metal strands.

    You'd have to ask the physicists among us about the dielectric strengths inolved and relative permittivities of steel vs alloy.

    There's only 1 cable housing that I know of that doesn't contain any metal parts. :)
    Now some physicist will come along and probably tell me that's worse... :oops:
  • y tiny tin Posts: 102
    Cateye stuff is very random.
    Sorry, I have no solution. My wireless unit won't work indoors (eg on the rollers in the garage) but works perfectly outdoors. Go figure.
  • In my experience Cateye stuff is absolute censored : both their lights and computers. They never last, which is a shame, as they look good!

    I had the same problems as you describe, eventually I had to chuck the computer. I replaced it with a wired version, which started to play up within a few months of fitting. Again it stopped working.

    I bought a Cateye TL-D1100 rear light a few years ago for my commuter bike. Within 12 months it had stopped working (It used to fill up with water, even though I ride with full mudguards). The Smart 1/2 Watt led's I replaced them with have been going strong for 3 years now.

    Never, never, never buy Cateye [/size] - it's a waste of money if you cycle regularly as their stuff (in my experience) always stops working.
  • neilmacdneilmacd Posts: 128
    I stopped using Cateye stuff - had 3 computers which all died after about 3 months, regardless of swzapping batteries etc and also have a collection of umpteen different Cateye light brackets but no lights cos the bloody things went flying and shattered into tiny pieces after hitting the numerous potholes around here.
    Only issue is it's generally hte most widely available brand in these parts
    Scott CR1 Team
    Bitsa training bike. Bitsa this Bitsa that.......
    I'd rather quit than buy from Halfords
  • Frank the tankFrank the tank Posts: 6,553
    Not stirring the pot, but I have several cateye strada wireless computers and have never had any problems.
    Tail end Charlie

    The above post may contain traces of sarcasm or/and bullsh*t.
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