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If My brakes were Contaminated, I'd Know, Right?

Duggan13Duggan13 Posts: 75
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Hi All

Re: Contaminated Brakes. I have some Hydraulic Disc Brakes (sorry not sure exactly what sort) on my mtb and sometimes I don't think the stopping power isn't quite as effective or impressive as it should be, but being relatively new and having not rode a bike since being a child I don't really have a comparison to make.

So my question is, if the rotors were contaminated would this be obvious to me? Is there such a thing as being a 'little bit' contaminated? Or would they be really, really noticably censored if they were?

I do most of my riding around Mellor and am still doing what I think is fairly easy/begginer mountain biking so it's not really been an issue- I guess if they're good enough to stop me safely for the riding that I'm doing, than they're good enough brakes.

But I'm still intrigued as to whether they might be 'slightly' contaminated or if this is possible, as I'd rather have them performing at their optimum being as they're there and I've paid for them. Plus I do intend on stepping up the difficulty of my riding soon anyway.

I have used de-greaser on my chain and cassette etc without covering the rotors (as well as muc-off on the frame) when cleaning. I only really covered the rotors when using an after-wash maintenance spray.

Maybe I should always cover the rotors when cleaning, no matter what?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    contamination leaves the lever feeling the same but the brakes dont stop you .
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  • abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
    Degreaser might have contaminated the brakes, muc- off bike cleaner is fine for brakes.

    Get a tin of that muc off disc brake cleaner
  • vengeance111vengeance111 Posts: 137
    or if that dont work change the pads
  • Duggan13Duggan13 Posts: 75
    Cheers guys.

    I think it's probably gonna be prudent to change the pads soon anyway so I'll clean the rotors and then install some new pads, so I guess then I'll know.
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