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Anyone cycle A33 / alternative Reading to Basingstoke route?

wilbo83wilbo83 Posts: 90
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As the topic states, I am looking to start cycling to work in Chineham, outskirts of Basingstoke, from Reading and wondering what the options are?

The A33 is obviously a busy road but direct. I have looked for routes going through Stratfield Saye / Mortimer but always end up getting lost and just use the Sat Nav to find the A33 again.


  • jeepiejeepie Posts: 495
    I've not done it but National Cycle Route 23 goes from Reading to Basingstoke and beyond. ... layers=B00

    I am not sure whether it would be suitable for a road bike all the way as NCR 4 which I use uses towpaths and singletrack so might be worth scouting it on a mountain bike to have a look. You can buy the detailed map from Sustrans if the internet is not sufficiently detailed.

    Let me/us know how you get on!
  • Dav3mDav3m Posts: 84
    What's that big blue loop that circles round from Eton/Windsor to Twyford?
  • stage_frightstage_fright Posts: 218
    I work on Chineham Businsess Park - and though I don't cycle in (Southampton just that bit too far away to do regularly) - I have been out the estate on my bike last summer and into the lanes to the north - ending up going through Mortimer and round by Stratfield Saye (and got chased by two foxhounds for over a mile persistant bu**ers).

    If you can get yourself from there to the north end of Cufaude Lane - then that is your route down to Chineham. It can be done - but I was just cycling at random and not knowing the area at all can't give road names etc.
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