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Anyone know of routes: germany, austria and switzerland

auldy73auldy73 Posts: 3
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Hey I'm about to head off to south germany, austria and switzerland for a summer tour with the bike. Does anyone know of any nice routes in these areas. i'm looking for some alpine single track and trail centre stuff.

I'm used to XC day rides and trail centres like Balblair, Laggan, Glen tress.

Any suggestions would be grateful



  • BrassknockerBrassknocker Posts: 209
    I cycled the transalp from Garmish Parten Kirshen to Lake Garda a few years ago with a lightweight sleeping bag and a tarp we strung from trees/our bikes, sleeping rough in the woods and empty huts - It was brilliant!

    Can't remember the exact route off the top of my head, but dipped into Austria, stayed on single track (very similar to Glentress's blue/red route) for most of the route, taking in a couple of high passes in the snow, then came out at the top of the Gavia pass in Italy.

    ...sorry that my description is not much use (I'll have to check my maps at home), but I'm sure there's plenty online that you could fill in the gaps...
    There are hundreds of variations of the transalp route, but could try this for starters:-

    The bus & train journey from Italy back to GPK was excellent and easy too!
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