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Principia Frame Specifications

rowmanrowman Posts: 111
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Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on Principia frame technical specifications. I'm looking at buying one of the Principia frames from CRC. I'd like to know seatpost sizes, BB threads, etc...

I've tried google but had litttle success...




  • Its a Danish Company
  • rowmanrowman Posts: 111
    Thanks gundersen but I've already tried that and I can't locate anything beyond frame geometries?
  • Ivancarlos here on the forums built up an Evo RSL from CRC last year, perhaps he can assist? ... sc&start=0
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  • Steve928Steve928 Posts: 314
    I don''t think there's much out there on the old Principias - there's little of relevance on the current Principia site which all relates to the new carbon frames from the new company.

    I can send you a nice '04 geometry table which better relates to the era of frames that CRC have. PM your address if you'ld like it.

    What model(s) are you considering? The RSL Evolution that I got has an English BB, 27.2 seatpost and 31.8 FD.
    The only oddity that I'm aware of is that some of the frames take a fork with a 1+1/4" lower steerer/bearing. I think I've read somewhere (Weightweenies perhaps?) that CRC just supply a normal fork+headset + a spacer/converter with those.
  • I've just bought an Ellipse SX 05, front mech is 34.9, seatpost 31.6, came with proper principia 1 1/8 at top and 1 1/4 at bottom forks and a headset that appears to be identical to a Chris King (which has been confirmed by my LBS who fitted it). It is a thing of great beauty, and will look marvellous when I've finished building it... I hope the BB is english thread, I guess I'll find out in the next hour or so when I fit it!

    Hope this is of some help.
  • Yep, bb is english thread.
  • nomoreexcusesnomoreexcuses Posts: 118
    Better late than never.

    Geometrys in the brochures. ... loads.html
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 5,184
    I bought an RSL frameset a while back (used) which I think was from the late 90s or early 00s at most. Tube sizes were an odd mix:

    Seatpost = 27.2mm
    FD clamp size = 34.9mm
    Steerer tube = 1" !!

    The seat tube is (beautifully) tapered up to the seatpost clamp, which is why the unexpected size of the FD clamp, which would normally be 31.8 with that seatpost diameter. The frame came with a Time "Feather Light" carbon and Vectran fork, with a proprietary Stronglight headset. The fork has a very unusual crown race which is muolded into the carbon, with a thin bearing surface bonded onto it. I've searched the net for replacement headset parts for this with no luck. When it wears out I will either have to get a replacement machined to fit or buy a new fork altogether. I've already replaced the top bearings of the headset with a Chris King NoThreadset, but can't use the bottom bearing because of the crown race design.

    I'm considering stockpiling a set of 1" forks and headsets now as they will become impossible to get I assume with all the new sizes and "standards" in use.

    BB is English thread.

    The fabrication quality of this thing is superb: welding is very strong and ver neatly finished, and the frame is anodized, which means it's tough as nails. The tubes are really well shaped, dropouts are super tough, and the BB shell was perfect finished. The only thing I didn't like was the decals, so I peeled them all off for a more subtle look.... 8)


    I built this with it, for occasional commuting, but mostly fun rides out with friends for coffee or whatever. With Dura Ace drivetrain and RItchey WCS cockpit bits, it's *really* light and VERY quick, an absolute hoot to ride.

    I've seen the CRC frames and they are a fantastic bargain. Buy one, and enjoy the ride!!
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  • nomoreexcusesnomoreexcuses Posts: 118

    Good to hear and great build. Too fast for flat bars.The frame should last loooong time. The headset headache sounds worth it. Apparently the head tubes are tapered to compensate for the thicker downtube. I would just get another lighter fork and modify to fit several choices.

    The Principia Ellipse SX 2005 is in my shortlist. It takes a 31.6mm seatpost! It comes with a Evolution fork. The headset is 11/4 at one end and 11/8 at the other. The cables are a well hidden design, through the head tube.

    The same Chris King headset could solve it. ... de=CKPRINC
  • nomoreexcusesnomoreexcuses Posts: 118
    Liking the anodized. especially the black.

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