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Giant XTC 2 or Boardman HT Pro or something else

HampshireSteveHampshireSteve Posts: 2
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I shall soon be getting a £1000 cycle2work voucher and i am wondering where to spend it, i was all set to get the Giant but everything i read gives the Boardman bikes great reviews. The bike will mostly be used for commuting to replace my Scott Scale 70 but it will also get some XC use as well.

Anybody got any thoughts or a different suggestions ?


  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    See this thred

    Pauls have some great deals on 2008 and 2009 XTC Giants..I have a XTC Alliance 1 arriving tomorrow from aware though that they will add 10% back on to the sale bikes as Cyclescheme take 10% commision.

    Like I say in the thred above, you will allways get compromises....I think the Fox fork is better than the reba..people say the wheels are cheap on the XTC's but its swings and roundabouts..the thing that swings it for me is the Giant frames...they are race going back to compromise...if you put a Boardman frame on ebay along with the half carbon frame of the Alliance what do you think would go for the most ??? well exactly
    Tomac Synper 140 Giant XTC Alliance 1
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