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Dalby Dare

MikeyScott19MikeyScott19 Posts: 222
edited April 2010 in XC and Enduro
So whos going? :D Sent my entry off but was abit late so doub't I'll get a place as think theres a max of 400 places :cry:


  • Chris-HChris-H Posts: 27
    I'm going, I only registered online the other day and it all seems to have gone through OK.

    Looking forward to it, staying in Pickering on the Friday, it the weather is good sounds like it should be a great night - I'm especially curious to see how this sprint race is going to go 'through a pub/bar'?

    Will be great to try out the course on Sat, just hope the chicken runs are friendly enough because the Fiancee is also coming and is slightly intimidated by some of the scarier photos the magazines have been publishing lately! Looks like it'll be fun though!
  • pantera06pantera06 Posts: 115
    i did it i was the guy that stood out woth the ull face it was brilliant so proud that i did it did you guys complete it
  • pantera06pantera06 Posts: 115
    if you did it what was your time
  • What was your time?
  • tubaonwheelstubaonwheels Posts: 448
    edited April 2010
    What was your time?

    Sorry, I seem to have developed a stutter
  • pantera06pantera06 Posts: 115
    2:40 2 pros for trek quit on 2nd lap so if you compleated it you did well but my bike is built for dh with 140 mm travel at front
  • I was the small guy in yellow/black scott jersey on a yellow/black scott bike that had horrible worn out cogs! Still managed to finish in an okish time though I think!?

    World cup lap: 27.59
    2nd dalby dare lap: 44.22
    3rd dalby dare lap: 52.25
    Total finish time: 2.04.47
  • pantera06pantera06 Posts: 115
    you was the guy that was in front of me with your girlfreind before start line me and my girl friend were sat down on grass be hind you
  • pantera06pantera06 Posts: 115
    i wasn't racing i was having fun jumping all the jumps and mostly hitting it like a dh course i must have been the quickest through the medusa drop and worry gill areas cos i was on my dh steed shredding it like i was fresh even on the 3rd lap it was just when it came to the uphills i was ok little harder for me having a 44tooth blackspire chain ring (heavy) and hard to get revolutions my rear hanger was a bit weak too so my rear mech kept shifting went i didnt want it to but it was a brilliant ride
  • petewpetew Posts: 47
    It was good fun. I felt lucky to get a ride as I turned up very late without a bike, helmet or riding gear. With a couple of minutes to go I managed to procure a Kona One 20 from Purple and a helmet from Scott. I got to the start just as people were clipping in. I just rolled up my trousers, unbuttoned my shirt and mooched around at the back for a while. Midway through the first lap I realised that afterall the office attire isn't so bad for riding, even though I had to keep rolling my trousers up. The Kona was a jolly good ride too. It was a carrying a bit of flab for the sharp climbs but the fun factor on the lumps more than made up for that. Overheating was a bit of an issue so I completely unbuttoned my shirt and shocked everyone with my hairy chest. I nailed all of the technical sections and was compelled to pick up the pace for the final second lap as I got comfortable with the bike and bantered with some of the guys. I felt reasonably strong so did a bit of peddle mashing on the fire roads (SPDs are preferable for this) and eventually cruised in at 2:10 feeling very thirsty. The ice cream tub of beef noodles that I'd eaten on the way from the car park thankfully remained in my stomach.
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