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Problems editing in bikeroutetoaster

newpotnewpot Posts: 33
edited April 2010 in Tour & expedition
Does anyone know how to edit an existing map in , I created the map a few days ago and need to tweak it. I am able to move the course points but the new route doesn’t follow the road. I have tried autorouting on and off and various changes to the settings but the new points won’t follow the road. We have a 112 charity ride to complete on Saturday 24 April and it is driving me mad. Any assistance will be gratefully received.


  • megillelandmegilleland Posts: 786
    You may find it quicker to redraw the route. I use and find it not so frustrating as other sites. You can go off road and plot your route and also add points of interest with photos. It might be worth a try. Here is a route I produced south of Hereford. Click on "information pointers" above route profile for photos.

    You can print it out or use:

    GPS Exchange Format
    Google Earth
    Geolives iPhone application
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  • monkeyjomonkeyjo Posts: 54
    It drives me mad too. I'm always having to redraw entire routes after making one silly mistake that I can't seem to change. Editing routes always seems to end up ruining the entire route. I use but it's useless with editing too.

    It'd be nice if let export .tcx files otherwise I'd give that a go.

    Is there a mapping site that lets you edit your route easily?
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