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Camping & taking the bike/s

DaimlerDaimler Posts: 215
edited April 2010 in Tour & expedition
Does anyone take their bike with them to Cornwall when camping in a tent?
I'm thinking of doing this but can only think of locking it up in the car which means when we're out walking or away and not in the car I'm naturally a little concerned so wondered what people do.

Leaving it in the tent would mean a slash n grab is sooo easy.
Hmm :?
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  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Campsites tend to be pretty safe, but if you're worried, and you're travelling by car there's nothing to stop you taking locks and locking your bikes up (or to something - on a campsite there's usually a railing or something similar).
  • Heckler1974Heckler1974 Posts: 479
    I always lock the bikes when camping, campsites are normally pretty secure from the road but most could be approached on foot. I normally lock them to something (either a railing/post, a tree or most cars have a tow loop under the rear that you could attach a cable lock to) or put them on the rack/roof rack and lock them to that.
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