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Builth Wells Merida Course

mikeyj28mikeyj28 Posts: 754
edited April 2010 in XC and Enduro
Hi All

Just a quick question. How tough is the Merida course at Builth Wells?
If anybody has completed it can you please give me some indication of what to expect from the course?
I am toying between the 50 and 75km distances

Thanks in advance
Constantly trying to upgrade my parts.It is a long road ahead as things are so expensive for little gain. n+1 is always the principle in my mind.


  • garetjaxgaretjax Posts: 175
    It can be very tough in the wet as you will be cycling through alot of wet, marshy moorland.
    In the dry I imagine it will be ok.
    I much preferred the Ruthin.
  • SheppySheppy Posts: 140
    As garetjax said, in the wet it is real nasty, it seems to be quite boggy in places anyway so when wet it's a nightmare. In the dry it is still one of the more challenging rides I've done (harder than the Brecon Beast for instance) but a lot of fun. I'd thoroughly recommend it. I'm toying with the idea of doing the Night Event on 10th April myself. Never tried the night ride before, could be fun...
  • dan45adan45a Posts: 143
    mikeyj28, They are not very technical, its just the grassy climbs can sometimes be tough. It's looking like it will be dry this weekend so 75km will be popular.

    I think this year the course is the same as last years. Starts with about 5 miles on the road towards Hundred house then a big climb up onto open hill tops where you be sent up and down a few times before you reach the other valley (near aberedw) and come back the builth, which is usually another few miles on the road.

    Which distance to ride depends on your ability? Myself I regularly ride the skyline and W2 trails at afan (40-50Km) and have found the past 50km marathons ok. So I may try the 75km this weekend.

    Good luck :D
  • If anyone wants my 2x rides + camping for this w/end's Merida tell me and they're yours!
    [email protected]
  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    will there be cycle stalls and demo bikes?
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