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Builth CRC Marathon

jamLCFCjamLCFC Posts: 197
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Are there enough things to do to keep SWMBO and our 4 year old son occupied whilst i ride the marathon?

It is not a problem to bring their bikes down for them to use but the youngest is not road aware so keeping them local,safe and occupied is the objective.

It says there is a skills course but is that open to `non racers` and ongoing after the ride has started?

Any information is appreciated.


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  • dan45adan45a Posts: 143
    I am local to the area and the event location is on the Royal Welsh show ground so there is lots of space and safe areas to play on a bike. There is also small play park down by the pond. The show ground is about 1 mile from Buitlh town itself.

    Not sure about the skills course? I think this maybe the cycleactive tuition. My wife did it on the Saturday last year thought it was great. It really improved her riding so I’d recommend it.

    The town itself has a small high street with few shops and pubs but that’s it. There is a large park that can be walked around.

    Weather forecast is great so I'm sure they'll be fine.

    Hope this helps.
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