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Child Seat for 45cm Hybrid Bike

Ed McCEd McC Posts: 175
I am about to buy hybrid bikes (Corratec X-Vert) for my wife and I. Mine will be 54cm, but my wifes will be 45cm. We have two children (17 months and 30 months) and want to put a seat on each of our bikes for them. My questions are:
1. Is there a problem fitting a child seat to a small framed bike?
2. Is there one in particular that is suited to small frames?

I have seen seats on Halfords website for as little as £30. ... yId_165476

Are they ok? I presume they must all meet safety standards?

Hamax Siesta is £45. Is this worth paying more for? ... yId_165476

Any advise appreciated.



  • DownwardiDownwardi Posts: 132
    My wife is 5ft so not sure what size frame that is.

    But we both have the Hamax Siesta's on ours no problem.
    It doesn't matter about the frame size as it fits on the tube below the seat.

    It's a lot cheaper in Decathlon if they still sell them. Edit - Seems the price has gone upto £45 now there.

    But it reclines so good for when they fall asleep.
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    FCN 4 Roadie
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