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Beginners route in Southampton - good for skill development

KifferKiffer Posts: 7
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Afternoon all,

Thought I'd post an area that I've used in the past and still use occasionally now. It's an old land fill site that has been filled in and blended with the local woods. It's between Weston and Netley. There are several entrances, but I tend to use the one on Grange road behind the pub (sorry I forget the name, but it's the only one on the road!) There are also entrances on Abbey hill and Newtown road.

It's only a couple of square miles, so it's not huge, and it only really suits beginners . It has plenty of tracks, not that you have to stick to them of course. The route can get quite wet and muddy in places (not that thats a bad thing).

There are no chavs on scooters, the dog walkers are quite friendly and you might even see a deer or two. Just be aware that there is the occasional log across some of the paths. Anyway enjoy.....,-1.35516|15|32&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:50.89968:-1.39559:14|southampton|Southampton,%20Hampshire,%20England,%20SO14%203


  • Went for a quick pootle around Westwood Park (its official name, apparently) this afternoon, giving my Recon Race its first proper outing (Longleat Centreparcs was no real test, despite being fun)...

    Another little gem hidden on the east side of our city! Friendly other users walking with dogs; some muddy (read marshy, especially on the north approach to the central mound) tracks and my fourth viewing of a deer this week (saw 3 at Longleat). :D

    Thanks for pointing this one out. :)
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