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2010 Giro Atmos for mountain biking

waldogabrielwaldogabriel Posts: 2
edited March 2010 in XC and Enduro
Hey guys,
Does anyose use the Giro Atmos or Ionos for mountain biking?....


  • Yes, I have an Ionos. A great helmet, nice and cool to wear on hot days, I also have a Zen that I wear in the wet, or on cold days. When it gets really cold I find the helmet liner the Ionos is supplied with works well, but it is a bit hot on mild days when on the mtb.
  • bobpzerobobpzero Posts: 1,431
    i use the Giro Atmos, for dry cold i would wear a windproofish skull cap and wet cold i use the goretex signature cap. would have to say the ionos is probably more aero than the atmos. putting in new pads make helmet more comfortable i found out if your buying used on ebay :lol:
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