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Novice needs help!

orbeaorcaorbeaorca Posts: 246
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When it comes to bike maintenence I am a complete numpty :P
I have a Specialized Roubaix which I use for commuting and riding in the winter, it needs a new bottom bracket but I am not to sure what I need, looking online I am getting confused with all the options.
The bike is fitted with FSA Gossamer cranks and FSA Mega Exo bearings, I have seen this listed on Merlins website, but would it fit? ... inset.html


  • huuregeilhuuregeil Posts: 780
    FSA bottom brackets are particular to the crank. To find your answer:

    1. Go and read the technical docs for the Gossamer crank. (e.g. on the FSA website if you don't have the paper version anymore).

    2. They will list (e.g. provide a part number for) the MegaExo BB you need.

    3. With said part number, call your LBS or FSA stockist and they can supply the BB you need.

    The easy availability of information on the web can sometimes confuse the process :-)
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