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Long Reach Valves For 88mm Rims

blackrockracerblackrockracer Posts: 86
edited March 2010 in Road buying advice
Having a bit of trouble getting suitable long reach valves to fit my new tubs. The tubs are continental sprinters and i have tried using Token 72mm extension valves but they dont close tight enough to the valve on the tub and start to leak air . Also tried Topeak but found them to be totally useless.
The only type available from continental are 42mm and these are too short for 88mm section rims .
Anyone got any other suggestions or advice , it will be greatfully recieved. Thanks P.


  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    I've just put some of these on my 404's... Seem ok. I was having serious problems with normal valve extenders...
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  • have you tried PTFE tape on the token extenders? may be worth a try, worked for me.
  • Thats for the replies , im going to try the Token valves again with the 'plumbers tape'. Lets hope it works.
  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    The valve cores on your Sprinters should be removeable. The best solution is to use these or these or combination of both for really deep rims. I use this type of extender on all of my deep section track wheels and don't have any inflation or leakage problems at all.
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